Texas Hold’em hands: the meaning & importance of the game

Texas Hold’em hands determine the chances of success and the possibility of winning!

The basis of any strategic tricks in Texas Hold’em includes the selection of the necessary cards with which the player enters the distribution. At the pre-flop stage, the poker players have the least information about their rivals, which is why the necessary knowledge, including the strongest Texas Hold’em hands, allows choosing the combination with which it is best to enter the trading circle. The estimated value of the hand always depends on the structure of the initial bets, the game stage, and other important factors. It is impossible to predict the mathematical chances of winning precisely, therefore it is also impossible to say with certainty that one pocket combination will turn out to be better or worse than the other.

The Basic Rules of Texas Hold’em

At the first stage of free poker distribution, each player receives two pocket cards.

  • The classic poker deck consists of 52 cards. Given this, players can calculate the total number of starters – 52×51 / 2 = 1326, as well as the probability of a certain pocket pair according to the formula – 4×3 / 2 = 6;
  • Based on the probability of starting hands in poker, specific pockets will come to users 1 time for 221 distribution – 6/1326 = 1: 221. And since in a game with a deck of 52 cards they can collect only 13 pocket cards, any pocket pair will be your every 17th hand – 221/13 = 17;
  • To determine the probability of starting Texas Hold’em hands, participants need to take into account the suit. For example, any two cards of different values can be obtained with 16 different options (suited and unsuited);
  • It will be possible to get two cards of the same suit with a probability of 23.5%, and the odds of starting hands in poker of a particular suit will be 5.9%. In this case, suited pockets add 1-2% to the probability of victory.

Poker math is not limited to calculating preflop statistics. To master the probabilities in poker, it is also important to take into account the chances of starting hands Texas Hold’em to gain in subsequent rounds of distribution.

Texas Hold’em hands: the Strongest Ones

To get the winning combination, players should follow a tight strategy. It will help to get the best starting Hold’em hands only. According to the poker classification, starting hands in Hold’em are usually divided into groups:

  • The first group accounts for 2% of the total number of pockets in offline and online poker. They are also called premium hands. They include pocket pairs and suited connectors of the highest ranks. These include: AA, KK, QQ, AKs, where “s” (abbreviated ‘suited’) is used to designate cards of the same suit;
  • The second group – best poker hands: AK, AQs, AJs, KQs, JJ, TT. These are six additional pockets with which players will also feel confident at the table and build up played banks.

Summing up these cards, players get 10 strong starters. For those who are just starting training WPT Texas Hold’em, playing with this set of pocket cards will be the best tactic for winning a pot. However, each hand must be played depending on the opponent’s moves, the amount of his stack, and also the place relative to the dealer. The table of starting Texas Hold’em hands, which also sounds like a pokers hands chart, will help to make decisions quickly. It contains a list of moves taking into account pockets, early, middle or late position, as well as the actions that the opponents took.

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