How to play video Poker – choose the best game

Features of how to play video Poker

Those gambling fans who consider video Poker a newly created game are completely wrong, since the first devices with this entertainment appeared in the casino 14 years earlier than classic slot machines. They were made by the American company Sittman and Pitt back in 1891 and were a Poker machine with five reels with the image of cards of different denominations and suits. The player only had to pull the lever and the reels began to spin, and after they stopped, a certain combination appeared that determined the win. Since then, people have become interested in how to play video Poker and receive decent rewards.

After the invention of the personal computer and the introduction of innovative technologies in the modern gaming field, the players got acquainted with free slots video Poker, available on many sites of gambling establishments. Now Poker play has become popular among a huge army of fans who prefer to have fun alone and in comfortable home conditions. Thanks to Microgaming, which has added video Poker to its online clubs, the game has become famous around the world.

Video Poker game description

At the moment, entertainment is necessarily included in the gaming assortment of almost every online and offline gambling establishment. The game is a profitable combination of a slot machine with the famous 5-card exchange Poker. Game devices are fully equipped with all necessary controls, buttons for bets and moves, and all winning combinations and the corresponding payouts are collected on special tables.

Modern slots have attractive screens on which instead of the reels there are images of five cards arranged in a row. On the Internet, all these details are included in the entertainment interface and are transmitted to players in the form of certain pictures. Thus, it is very easy for users to understand video Poker how to play. There are a large number of convenient slot machines, of which you can select free Triple Play video Poker, which is one game in which there are already 9 versions of this entertainment.

Rules and strategies of how to play video Poker

In order to quickly deal with the nuances, a person needs to know how to play Poker, as there are general rules that are suitable for any kind of video Poker. All winning combinations of cards are in the payout table, and the goal of the game is the formation of paid combinations of cards. In some versions of the game, there are jokers, for the use of which the payment is significantly reduced. Here’s the game itself:

  1. The player makes a bet and presses the Deal button, which causes the appearance of five cards.
  2. To understand how to play video Poker and proceed further, the user needs to evaluate the game situation. A person can save all the cards simply by clicking on them if they form a winning hand.
  3. In the next available step, all cards that are not selected will be replaced with new ones and if the set of cards that appears in the payout table, the player receives a well-deserved reward.

In case of winning, the player may be offered a bonus game and increase the reward. There is also often a progressive jackpot. But in order to always feel confident, players need to adhere to the following video Poker strategy chart:

  • It is necessary to leave any ready-made combination;
  • It is required to put Hold on all consecutive or suited cards (two pairs, high and low pairs, Flush or Straight and so on);
  • If there are no favorable cards, you can leave one high card or risk exchanging everything.

Since there are so many video poker options, special programs have been successfully used to help players analyze all possible combinations.

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